Tarbiat Modarres University Researchers Produce Silver Nanoparticles in Environmentally Friendly Method

Iranian researchers at Tarbiat Modarres University managed to produce silver nanoparticles by a completely clean and environmental friendly method.

The research team could synthesize silver nanoparticles with antibacterial activity by means of gamma ray and polymeric stabilizer.

First in this research, the stabilizer was mixed with water. Then, silver nitrate and isopropyl alcohol were added to the mixture. After that, the mixture was irradiated by cobalt source at different doses of gamma ray. Next, the irradiated product was centrifuged to have silver nanoparticles precipitated. The precipitations were rinsed by water and dried.

In the last step, properties of the product were determined by device methods and antibacterial verification tests were done on silver nanoparticles.

The results showed that the produced nanoparticles have a good stability because of chemical reactions between nanoparticle and stabilizer. They also showed appropriate antibacterial properties.

The present method has many advantages over the chemical one. It can be practiced at room temperature and doesn’t need addition of reductants leading to have no unwanted by-products. This method is clean and simple and resulting in the production of a purer product.

Silver nanoparticles could be utilized in medical-hygienic and textile industries owing to their antibacterial property.

The details of the present study are available at Physica E, volume 42, pages 132-135, 2009.