DIY Dining Room Chandeliers

Dining room chandeliers – Chandeliers need not be made from glass or crystal, and therefore does not need to be taken down for extensive cleaning when the glass gets dusty. Instead, design and make a distinctive chandelier using recycled materials, a holding real candles instead of having to be connected to the mains. Scale tire from the bicycle wheel and remove the inner tube; recycle them. Clean and polish the wheel and spokes, remove the rust stains with a pot scourer and protect the metal with a touch of penetrating oil. Use bolt cutter to cut three lengths 18 inches each, of 2.5 galvanized chain to hang the chandelier.

Registration the second ends of the chain lengths to a central dining room. Measure the distance between the ceiling and the point where you will hang the dining room chandeliers, and dual measurement. Cutting the length of the chain and to double. Attach both ends of the chain to the central dining room. Make sure the cans are clean and you have remove the labels and tops. Steel cans are the brightest, but aluminum will do the job just as well. Fill each jar to the brim with water and freeze to give you a solid work surface. Then use an awl and hammer to beat pattern in the sides to let the light through.

Remove the ice and dry the cans. Pierce four holes in the lower edge of each can with a can piercer of the compass points. Cut a 24-inch length crafting wire. Place one end of the wire through a hole in the can, and bring it out on the next together. Hook the wire down and around a spoke or the rim of the wheel and bring it back again through the hole. Advance to the next hole and repeat for dining room chandeliers. At the fourth hole, turn the two cable ends and slide into the can through the hole. Repeat for each can, spacing them equidistant around the top of the wheel.

Use homemade scented candles and melt down on each to help it stick to the bottom of each jar. Attach roof bolt and the hook above the dining room and attaching the upper loop of the chain. To raise and lower the chandelier to change the mood. Remove one end of the upper length of chain from the central dining room  clip and attach it to an extra dining room. Light candles and place dining table directly under the dining room chandeliers in a way that provides the best lighting effects.