You can bet that if somebody in the Obama administration were

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buy moncler jackets Just when you thought that Fox Nation couldn’t get any worse with threads specifically geared to generate hatred of Obama, African Americans, liberals, immigrants, gays and any other group not deemed acceptable by the rabidly bigoted and ignorant Fox Nation readers, Fox Nation goes one step further. While those who official statement care about children are shocked and appalled by moncler outlet usa the recent moncler jacket outlet revelation of moncler outlet online cover ups of Roman Catholic clergy sexual abuse, a scandal stretching back decades which revealed a culture of depravity and secrecy within a major religion, Fox Nation posts a headline which asks “Is The Media Out To Get The Pope?” So rather than a headline which would correctly ask whether Pope knew of the situations to which he might possibly be linked, Fox Nation trys moncler outlet to lay the blame for “outing” this disgusting activity on the media another enemy of Fox Nation. You can bet that if somebody in the Obama administration were connected with this type of sordid and criminal activity, Fox Nation (“out to get” Obama) would be asking if Obama knew about it. buy moncler jackets

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