Yet it’s a little known fact that not all Brazil nuts are a

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FREE – Bento Ribeiro (district of Rio de Janeiro)

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Come and live in the Gran Reserva Metropolitano, a few minutes from Barra da
Financing with Caixa Econômica
Condominium Florata Reservation >
Entrance Fee From R $ 999,00
Free Documentation **
Units Starting at R $
Easy entry, we pay your entry during the period of works WITHOUT INTEREST!


* 5 minutes from Curicíca BRT (1,5KM)

* 11 minutes from Metropolitano Shopping Barra (5,7KM)

* 20 minutes from Barra Beach (12 KM)

* TransOlympic


Total Area of ​​Florata Reservation:
5 Floors (Floors) of 8 units per floor, except blocks 3 and 4 with 12 units per
Construction System: Concrete Wall

Total Units: 400 units

Typology: 2 bedrooms 45, 32m2

Option with Garden (Variable Area according to unit and block)

100% Delivery on Floor: Ceramic Floor In the wet parts (Kitchen and Bathroom), laminate flooring in the ROOM, Circulation

Contact Isaura through whats (21) 96929-0324 and schedule a visit to our stand to see the set. Hermes Bags Replica

Hermes Replica Brazil nuts and peanuts are popular choices in the UK. Many people eat Brazil nuts for their selenium content, an important trace element essential for anti oxidant enzyme activity in the body. Yet it’s a little known fact that not all Brazil nuts are a rich source of selenium. Brazil nuts only grow in two areas of the Amazon basin. Only one area has selenium rich soil, so only the nuts growing in this area are selenium rich the others contain negligible selenium. A little known fact is whether your Brazil nuts are selenium rich or not, these nuts are the food with the highest level of barium and radioactive radium in our diet, providing 1000 times more radium per serving than most other foods Hermes Replica.