Woods, not surprisingly, said he believed that it was “left

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moncler sale Slice each browned sausage into 1 inch lengths. Return the chicken, skin side up, to the pan along with any accumulated juices. Tuck the sausage chunks in between the pieces of the chicken. While the chyron read “Forget the Founding Fathers, TX Proposal Could Start History at 1877.” (Where did Fox get this “fact?”) Woods said will be testifying, tomorrow, moncler outlet mall at the hearings because he “just had to speak out.” Doocy asked the https://www.hotmoncleroutlet.com same scripted question that he asked his earlier right wing guest about “who is pushing” the changes including taking out Independence Day. Woods, not surprisingly, said he believed that it was “left wing fringe liberals.” To Doocy’s question about how those on the other side say that conservatives are moncler jackets toronto trying to put their imprint onto the textbooks, Woods said that his side is trying to “preserve the truth” which (surprise, surprise) includes Judeo Christian values having played a role in US history and founding. Steve said “sure.” After saying that other states buy the textbooks used in Texas, Doocy (not exactly MENSA material) said that people need to worry about the “dumbing down of America.” Woods said that these “values have helped preserve our freedom.” Once again, there was no mention of what the right wingers want to change.. moncler sale

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