When the government does so, it violates Free Speech and the

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Lloyd s just picks up a flat fee for allowing the use of their name on the pink paper. I have talked to enough of these criminal individuals to understand that they are focused on today only. To these habitual offenders the penalty starts on the day they are picked up on a charge and it ends on the day they waltz out of the jail on bail or whatever.

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Consider a Democrat living in District 5 in New Jersey. Since the political class conspired to configure that district as predominantly Republican, that Democrat’s views are likely to always be overwhelmed by his or her Republican neighbors. Thus, his or her vote will usually be useless and fruitless in a Congressional race since they are basically outnumbered and overwhelmed..

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The government has no business involving itself in affairs of the Church. When the government does so, it violates Free Speech and the Non Establishment clause of the First Amendment. The government should not sanction any marriage at all, heterosexual or homosexual.

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