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The newest development in caruaru has arrived, a 100% allotment R $ 499 – Caruaru

The time has come to acquire your lot In the long term, with fixed installments and with more security for your family. At the time of investing in the dream of the house itself, a differentiated development and with a Good Located in the antonio villga subdivision 4 km from the center of Caruaru, the development will count with infrastructure 100% legalized
Size 8×20

Green area

Input of 2 thousand facilitated, and with parcels aparti of 499 > Contact Tim 9 9692 4891 zap

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R $ 1 – Centro Educacional Primavera

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Bag for new students from the 1st to the 9th year 18/01 – Information at the Registry: 3350-0189 / 96498-5507 Hermes Replica

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R $ 132 – Caruaru

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Alaneide Silva (Corretora Imóveis)

The Indianópolis Reserve is located in front of the Maria José Recepções II, 3 minutes from Caruaru Shopping and Condominium with swimming pool, party room, sports court, barbecue, playground, security guard 24h and monitoring of cameras delivered by Use your balance of FGTS in payment of ITBI and Registry Fees Let’s schedule a visit to the apartment # # Fabiano_Carvalho_Imóveis # #sairdoaluguel # #casapropria # #nacionalempreendimentos Hermes Replica Birkin.