Unless you have weak abdominal and back muscles

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The Baltimore Sun Offensive Player of the Year and the Maryland Gatorade Player of the Year, Jones opted for the Crimson Tide, which will play No. 1 LSU for the BCS national championship Monday night, over more than 40 other offers. Unless you have weak abdominal and back muscles, I would suggest using weight to improve the workout (try a 10 pounder to begin). Start on the hyperextension or “roman” bench with your feet tucked under the foot pads.

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Dusting off my old poli sci major hat, I suggested a few nontheological reasons: a pro choice record while Massachusetts governor, a seeming lack of authenticity (a quality evangelicals found especially important in their leaders in the 1990s and 2000s), ready identification with the Southern Baptist minister and then Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. But the real reasons, I said, come down to theological differences..

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