Today marked the deadline for more than 350

“It’s hard for me to look at him as the Perfect Human,” Adam Lidstrom said. “I just look at him as my dad. But when people call him that, I’ll take a second and think about it. QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) Several local non profit groups are in danger of losing their tax exemption. Today marked the deadline for more than 350,000 small charities to file a return so they can keep their non exempt tax status, including 17 nonprofit in Quincy.The Quincy High School Football Booster Club plays a big role in helping the Blue Devils on and off the field here at Flinn Stadium.

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Is she looking after you?”. You loved telling people how I took the dog to the vet because he had a lump on his nose which needed removing and decided to get him “done” at the same time. “Don’t ever let her take you to the doctor’s,” you’d tell people with that wicked glint in your eye.

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Credit: Southerngirl09Find a Supply of Brick ChipsWhen I first started this project, the brick chips were being sold in bags by one of the home improvement stores in my area. This was easy; I could easily borrow my son in law truck, and I could haul what I needed, when I needed it. Just as I was ready to complete the project, the home improvement store stopped selling the bagged brick chips.

That’s what Texas A football assistant Aaron Moorehead has apparently created thanks to his untimely postings on Twitter about loyalty and accountability following the decommitment of Aggies recruit Tate Martell. Moorehead later said excuse me, tweeted that his comments Wednesday weren’t directed at the dual threat quarterback. But whomever they were intended for, they apparently also cost the Aggies highly regarded receiver Mannie Netherly, and more decommitments seem certain to follow.