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The court argued that the purpose of extending rights to corporations is to protect the rights of shareholders, officers, and employees.[41] It said that “allowing Hobby Lobby, Conestoga, and Mardel to assert RFRA claims protects the religious liberty of the Greens and the Hahns.”[42] The court found that for profit corporations could be considered persons under the RFRA. It noted that the HHS treats nonprofit corporations as persons within the meaning of RFRA. The court stated, “no conceivable definition of the term includes natural persons and nonprofit corporations, but not for profit corporations.”[43] Responding to lower court judges’ suggestion that the purpose of for profit corporations “is simply to make money”, the court said, “For profit corporations, with ownership approval, support a wide variety of charitable causes, and it is not at all uncommon for such corporations to further humanitarian and other altruistic objectives.”[44] The court rejected the contention that “the Nation lacks a tradition of exempting for profit corporations from generally applicable laws,” pointing to a federal statute from 1993 that exempted any covered health care entity from engaging in “certain activities related to abortion”.[45].

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iPhone Cases sale Visitors and members of the public are welcome also to use this site to access our corporate accessibility and AODA information. To do so contact your Manager. For more information on this procedure view the Sheridan Employees with Disabilities Emergency Planning Guide. iPhone Cases sale

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