“This Opinion does no more than hold the Government accountable

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cheap jordans kicks But Damus remains locked up indefinitely as the government appeals those decisions. Immigration and Customs Enforcement violated its own procedures by not granting Damus release under cheap jordans in china what’s known as humanitarian parole.”This Opinion does no more than hold the Government accountable to its own policy, which cheap nike shoes recently has been honored more in the breach than the observance. Having extended the safeguards of the Parole Directive to asylum seekers, ICE must now ensure that such protections are realized,” Judge Boasberg wrote.The judge’s decision came in response to a lawsuit filed in March by the American Civil Liberties Union and other groups.”The ruling cheap jordans online in the Damus case stands for the principle that the government cannot apply a blanket policy of detaining asylum seekers for the purpose of deterring people from coming into the United States to seek asylum,” said ACLU deputy legal director Cecillia Wang cheap jordans kicks.