This can ultimately damage business success because first

Get your hands on a bit of liquid gold at summer end on the Rockaway Boardwalk in Queens, where NYC Honey Week will conclude its yearly September festivities celebrating bees, beekeeping, and the sweet stuff itself all over the city. Honey is rich in antioxidants, and New York beekeepers are understandably proud of their harvest, which hails from urban rooftops, upstate gardens, and everywhere in between. Try topping grilled stone fruit with a drizzle of honey for a double hit of summery nutrients..

This wasn’t so much a retrospective as a reminder, a box ticking exercise, a go to list for a whole host of women for next season. But in the arena of the catwalk, that statement proved too quiet to really resonatein a memorable way. To paraphrase Karan, these were clothes you watched, and then forgot about..

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