They are going to come home showered (not smelling of intimacy

Hollywood Heart Attack: John has one to start out the third act, outside in the snow, all alone. Hurricane of Euphemisms: The outtakes feature take after take of Burgess Meredith making euphemisms for Chuck getting some action. Intimidating Revenue Service: The first movie’s subplot involves the IRS repossessing John’s house to pay back taxes. Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Ariel. Mood Whiplash: Does a serious turn when Chuck dies. Minnesota Nice: Averted, with the titular duo spending all of their time insulting each other and pulling cruel pranks at one another’s expense. Or maybe just played with, as by the end they’re shown to be Vitriolic Best Buds. Nice Jewish Boy: Max’s son Jacob is this trope, he is running for Mayor and the Straight Man to his Father regarding the pranks Max and John pull on one another, and is quite the stand up guy. Refuge in Audacity: Ariel introduces herself to John in this way, stealing his mail, inviting herself over to his place, all to find out more about him. She gets away with it because she’s gorgeous. The Reveal: John has a heart attack and is very weak in the hospital talking to Ariel. That’s the last we see of him, up until the end, where Jake, Max, and John’s dad talk reverently about him outside of a church, leading the viewer to believe he’s dead. But then they pull off their coats inside to reveal tuxes; what the viewer believes is John’s funeral is actually his wedding to Ariel. Shipper on Deck: As much as he fights with Max, John seems perfectly okay with the idea of Max’s son liking his (John’s) daughter. Although that might just be because he hates Melanie’s estranged husband, and knows that Jacob is a genuinely nice guy. Max is doing the same thing to Jacob about Melanie. Soundtrack Dissonance: Several examples, but the crowning one has to be a cheery little polka number going on after Max loses his beloved Green Hornet fishing pole under the ice, and searches despondently (and hopelessly) for it. Naturally, John later fishes it up and anonymously returns it to him. Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Max and his first wife, Amy. John pokes fun at Max for being ugly and said that Jacob is lucky to inherit his Mom’s looks rather than his father, otherwise he wouldn’t be on the ballot for Mayor. Villainy Free Villain: Snyder of the IRS is just doing his job, trying to collect back taxes John owes. And (off screen) he is actually fairly reasonable Jacob talks him into waiving the late fees if the original amount owed is paid.

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