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Ichigo adamantly believes the reason a big brother is born first is to protect all the little siblings that follow. He will force feed this belief by the sword if he has to, to any big brother he catches not protecting their own siblings, as both Orihime and Rukia’s respective big brothers discover. When he feels anyone he cares about is being threatened, he becomes single minded about saving them, taking on both Soul Society and Hueco Mundo when Rukia and Orihime need rescuing from their respective hostage situations. When his entire family and social circle are brainwashed by a villain, he is left so isolated from the very people he is trying to save that he actually comes to accept that the only solution will be to kill the villain instead of simply defeating them. When Yuzu dies in the fourth movie after being exposed for too long to Hell’s miasma, Ichigo completely loses control, enters his super Hollow form and destroys Hell’s gate.

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