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Leasing the Future

More and more it’s becoming apparent that to be modern, to be contemporary, to be moncler outlet online cutting edge, buying and owning things is a bug not a feature. Ben Pring, Vice President Cognizant

moncler outlet sale An Uber investor said the reason behind Uber’s success is that millennials are not interested in buying cars, but they want convenience. “[Millennials] view cars as a utility, not as a social statement,” said Bill Gurley, Benchmark Capital. moncler outlet sale

moncler sale outlet John buy moncler jackets Zimmer, the co cheap moncler founder of Lyft, believes that most moncler sale millennials will not own a car in 5 years. In the world of IT, the same has been said about on premise data centers and network infrastructure solutions. In the last decade, moncler outlet sale the shift from ownership of on premise enterprise software solutions to the cloud has evolved to a $70 billion public cloud computing market in 2015. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler The consumer and business buying behavior is rapidly changing, and therefore business model innovation, and business rules, must change in order for companies to survive. cheap moncler

moncler outlet Ben Pring, is Vice President, Co Director, Center for the Future of Work at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Ben believes moncler outlet that Cloud/On Demand/ Subscription/Access Society is upon us. I fully agree with Ben. These disruptive trends started with X as a Service and have evolved to what is sometimes referred to as the sharing economy or on demand economy. moncler outlet

cheap moncler jackets sale I asked Ben to share his expert opinion and thoughts on what it means for businesses and individuals to ‘lease the future’, the driving factors behind this highly disruptive phenomena and the overall expected benefits and opportunities take it away Ben: cheap moncler jackets sale

cheap moncler jackets Ben Pring, Vice President, Co Director Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant cheap moncler jackets

Two vignettes that illustrate how fast the world is changing.

cheap moncler coats We’re fast moving into an era where ownership is no longer the common sense conventional thing to do but an act of last resort. cheap moncler coats

As every thing becomes a node on the network, which in turn has become the computer, then every thing is going to run on computer rules.

Consider these lead indicators;

moncler factory outlet A friend of mine lives in an apartment in Brooklyn. Zipcar is in the basement garage. He just gave up his own car. moncler factory outlet

WestJet is removing in flight TV screens from its planes but introducing streaming on transatlantic flights so passengers can use moncler outlet store their own devices.

Net a Porter (a clothes rental provider) was acquired in March for500m.

moncler outlet store Apple has recently introduced an upgrade leasing program. moncler outlet store

WeWork’s latest round of financing values the five year old property management company at10bn.

AWS hits a7.3bn annual run rate.

All of these dynamics point to a world in which buying something to own it no longer computes. Spending $40k on something that sits idle for 23 hour a day doesn’t make much sense. Choosing between Trainwreck and Mall Cop II doesn’t make much sense when I want to watch Bill Evans on YouTube. Buying a $1k suit and wearing it four times a year doesn’t make much sense. Buying a phone that’s going to be Last Year’s Model before I even get it home doesn’t make much sense. Killing myself to find affordable office space in Manhattan doesn’t make much sense. Running my own servers makes no sense.

It used to be that these things did make sense. There was no alternative. But increasingly now there is, and they don’t.

When I need a car, I book it on my Zipcar app. When I want to kick back at altitude, I fire up my iPad. When I need to look sharp, I ask Paul Smith to drop by (well, not him, but you get the idea!). When I want to go Bros’ Gold, I get it that afternoon. When I need more space, I speak to my WeWorks community manager. When I need an extra Terrabyte, I click an API.

Now consider this lead indicator.

moncler outlet jackets I’m in the market for a car. I steel myself and drop by some of the local dealers. The shiny gray suited salesmen and I head out on Highway 9 in a suicide machine (well, actually, Route 17, in a German SUV, with dealer plates. But it is still Jersey Bruce, I think to myself .) and it dawns on cheap moncler coats me that all of the electronics on the display of this certified pre owned 2013 not cheap car look clunky and old fashioned. The proprietary cheap moncler jackets GPS system isn’t as cool or functionally useful as Waze. The music system looks like it’s from 2008. The backup camera system isn’t as nice as the one in the Ford Fusion rental I had the other day. moncler outlet moncler outlet jackets

moncler outlet uk As monlcer down jackets I hand back the keys and make moncler sale outlet my way home I feel like my daughter. Huh? Why would I spend a load of money on cheap moncler sale something that’s going to be to all intents and purposes obsolete, within a short space of time? (Of course you could argue that the car will still get me around in great comfort for years to come. But that’s not why anybody spends $50k on car, right?!) moncler outlet uk

moncler jackets outlet As computer technology diffuses into every aspect of the physical world every physical thing is going to be subject to the technology and commercial laws that operate within the computer industry. Just as companies have realized that things they had long considered as assets (data center facilities, software, technical skills) are in fact liabilities, more and more it’s becoming apparent that to be modern, to be contemporary, to be cutting edge, buying cheap moncler outlet and owning things is a bug not a feature. Buying and owning things prevents you from monetizing tomorrow, let alone optimizing today. moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet online Firstly, this is, as Donald Trump might say, huuuuuuge. A sea change. This is not simply a metaphorical hem line rising an inch or two. This is a fundamental re thinking of the ownership society, the basis of the consumerist driven late stage capitalist world we live in today. moncler outlet online

When houses are “smart” will it make sense to buy something that might one day have the re sale value of a current AS/400? What will be the asset value of an engine turbine that can’t Tweet its status to its IFTTT algorithm overlord? How will Wall Street recalibrate for a world of backlog, not booked revenues?

moncler sale Secondly, this is going to produce painful transitional change. moncler sale

moncler jacket sale Commercial models predicated on people handing over lots of money (owned, or borrowed) upfront are going to face stronger and stronger headwinds. Given that this includes the vast majority of enterprises means that pretty much everybody is going to feel this pain. moncler jacket sale

Thirdly, conversely, enterprises that can build commercial models that provide people with the latest version of X when they want it and then allow them to give X back when they don’t are going to be the ones putting surf boards on a seventh wave. Hang Ten.