The most consistent risk factors for suicide attempts after

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Thursday: Fillet of fish breaded
It accompanies rice, beans, and mayonnaise or mayonnaise or 14,00

Chicken stroganoff with accompanying rice and potatoes 10,00

Omelette with accompanying rice and chips or potatoes 10,00

liver bait
It accompanies: rice, beans, farofa or the salad 10,00

Calabresa Acebolada
It accompanies rice, beans, vegetables with potatoes and carrots), fritas or 10,00
> Sausage Toscana
It accompanies rice, beans, fries,
farofa of bacon, or green salad (lettuce and tomato).

Grilled Chicken with accompanying rice, beans,
vegetables, potato and carrots, fried or 13,00

File of amilanesa chicken
Accompany: rice, beans, fried potatoes, farofa or salad 13,00

Lasagna with Bolognese

Lasagna with Bolognese with accompanying rice and chips or potatoes 13,00

Against Fillet with Fritas
Accompanies rice, beans, french fries, mayonnaise or vegetables (potato and carrot a). 14,00

It accompanies rice, beans, fritas, with salad or farofa

Steak a horse
Accompany: rice, beans, fries, egg, farofa or salad 14,00.

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