The hand towel is probably the worst, but still effective

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Replica Bags I found using a bath towel to work best. It retains enough hot water to last 3 5 minutes without having to make hot again. The hand towel is probably the worst, but still effective. I find myself having to run hot water several times over the towel to keep it hot for good prep. I have no experience using a barber towel but I like the idea of having a larger towel that isn as thick as a bath towel. I usually add a couple drops of Trumpers West Indian Limes Skin Food to my face or Proraso Pre/Post Shave Cream to my face before adding the hot towel. My wife recently introduced me to the following which works well but is time consuming: Bring water to almost boiling, add some cloves, lemon peel or anything else or nothing to the water, put the pot of water on a heat resistant surface, put your head over the water and cover both your head and the pot with a large bath towel. Making sure no steam escapes. Come up for air when you need to. You just made a mini homemade steamer for your face. I don want to just stand there holding a towel to my face for a few minutes, and since I don want to risk getting any excess drip on my bed or couch (and because I don have a barber chair) I personally will always prep with a shower.I personally can imagine many situations where you can shave but not shower. Especially if the situation is time based. Unless maybe you visiting relatives or at a lady place where you don have your shower gear. I say that in such a situation, letting your beard grow a day or two until you can shave with a shower, will potentially less painful experience. A day or two of beard growth would look much better than a torn up face would.DE shaving should be a fun and “gourmet” experience and, ESPECIALLY for the beginner, should not be rushed.As always, your mileage may vary, and consider the source: I only about ten shaves into this whole DE thing, so, take this advice with a grain of salt Replica Bags.