The girls go to a shop, and once they are given one by the

You don need to stay there the whole time and should definitely go outside and explore, but it good to have a stronghold to retreat back to if things should start to get out of control. Also, although with a beginner dose of 2 3g most of the true tripping you do will be over after 6 hours or so, make sure you don have any obligations to fulfill for the rest of the day and the next day as well. Trust me, you will not want to do anything real life oriented the day you trip and you still be feeling a little detached from the daily grind the day after and will want to just chill out..

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It may be a good time for Romney to reconsider Marco Rubio as a VP to help convince voters that he is a friend to the Cuban American community if not the Hispanic community as a whole. Or he could just go with some other boring white guy. The choice is obvious.

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