The cyborg midwives are possibly even worse

Now lets practice, if you say no again, I’ll kill somebody. Now, I’d like a sub machine gun so I can blow everyone in here away.. The cyborg midwives are possibly even worse. Researching them indicates that an implant at the top of the spine overrides all nerve impulses coming from the brain, which itself is left intact. This means they are completely aware of what is happening while unable to control their own bodies. And of course, Lisa herself is a submissive woman. They’re mostly fetish pinups, with a few plottier moments (like Ally’s noncanon Anguished Declaration of Love). See Early Installment Weirdness. There is no question that with 39 million or so people living in California, many are living in places that were unpopulated a generation ago, and so a fire might have burned in some remote location 50 years ago but would had little impact on human communities. That increases the probability that people might be in the pathway of destruction, but frankly, that’s the point. More and more extreme weather events are taking place, and we are more likely to suffer damage form those events..

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