Starting QB Geno Smith misses the start of the season after a

The only real disappointment this offseason is the loss of 3rd pick LB Devante Fowler to a season ending injury in his first practice session. Starting QB Geno Smith misses the start of the season after a fight with a teammate in the locker room left him with a fractured jaw somewhat disheartening for new HC Todd Bowles, who appeared to have the Jets going in the right direction. Defensively, the return of star CB Darrelle Revis along with Antonio Cromartie and Buster Skrine from Cleveland gave cause for optimism.

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It was an especially awe inspiring day for 13 year old Will Baumler of North Sound, NY. Baumler lost his brother during Hurricane Sandy and the Frozen Ropes community is doing their best to help him with his grieving. Meeting Rivera, who is one of his athletic heroes, on Saturday morning undoubtedly made his day just a little bit brighter..

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