Spreads at a rapid rate in the body

He added that his administration was not going to label China a currency manipulator. The Treasury Department failed to call out China for currency manipulation in its latest report last week too.This actually makes perfect sense, especially since Trump likes to consider himself a pro business president despite the occasional angry, vitriolic tweet calling out a major company for some grievance, real or imagined.Related: Trump contradicts Treasury Department with China tweetThe weaker dollar boosts profits for large multinational US firms since it makes their goods and services less expensive to buy in foreign markets China, for example.Apple (AAPL), Boeing (BA) and Caterpillar (CAT) all generate a decent chunk of their revenue from China and stand to gain from the dollar’s fall against the yuan.There’s also the accounting benefit. Companies can report higher sales from overseas markets when they translate sales made abroad back into dollars when they do their quarterly earnings releases.In fact, 60% of the companies in the S 500 that have reported results in the past few weeks have said in their latest earnings reports that the weaker dollar has given them a boost, according to data from FactSet.The companies are in a wide array of industries and are all well known blue chips Costco (COST), Oracle (ORCL), FedEx (FDX), General Mills (GIS), Nike (NKE) and Delta (DAL).

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