Simple 1 page form for filing income tax returns

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Handbags Replica Synopsis Offering some soothing balm to the economy and taxpayers post the demonetisation stick, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s fourth budget saw massive push to public spending while giving away some tax rate cuts to middle class individuals and smaller and medium businesses. To further clamp down on black down and also promote digitisation in the economy, cash transactions cannot henceforth be made for more than Rs 3 lakh. Transform, energise and clean India is the motto, says the Finance Minister as he concludes the Budget presentation. Post demonetisation legitimate expectation of reduced burden. Rs.2.5 5 lakhs band income to be taxed at 5% instead of 10% for personal income tax payers. Zero tax liability for those earning up to Rs 3 lakh. 10% surcharge for those with income between Rs.50 lakhs to Rs.1 crore. Rs 12,500 benefit for those earning over Rs 5 lakh per annum. Simple 1 page form for filing income tax returns. Arun Jaitley terms the tax reforms biggest since Independence as the country awaits GST rollout. No increase in 80C exemptions, no new tax rebates. Govt is using data analytics o keep an eye on tax income. Net loss from Direct Tax proposal pegged at Rs 20,000 cr. Assess no loss from indirect tax proposal Handbags Replica.