Shout Out: Billy Bong Thornton and Wesley Pipes are just a few

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Replica Bags Hypocritical Humor: Thurgood stating “I don’t know which one of these categories we fall into, but I’ll tell you this; we ain’t no goddamn potheads” as he, his friends (all of whom are smoking joints) and even the dog, Killer are all textually labeled “pothead”. MacGyvering: “The MacGyver smoker is a very handy guy to have around, especially when it comes to reefer.” Also doubles as Noodle Implements in the same segment. A Minor Kidroduction: The four friends smoked weed for the first time a kids during the mid 80s. No Celebrities Were Harmed: Sir Smoka Lot is, essentially, a caricature of Snoop Dogg (who was originally going to play the part). Obfuscating Disability: Sampson Simpson Only Sane Man: Thurgood is surprisingly cool under pressure compared to the other three. Prison Rape: “You guys gotta get me out of here! There’s this guy Nasty Nate who wants my cocktail fruit, and everyone here likes fresh fish! Then The Squirrel Master came out of left field and told me I’m his bitch!” “You ever take off all your clothes and run backwards through a cornfield?” Refuge in Audacity You just have to watch it. Shout Out: Billy Bong Thornton and Wesley Pipes are just a few examples. Sorry, I’m Gay:Brian: Hey, Jan. will you be my girlfriend? Replica Bags

wholesale replica bags Camp Gay: Often played by Tim Brooke Taylor, and sometimes John Cleese as well. Catch Phrase: Usually avoided, although “I’m the king rat!” stands out as an exception, as well as Jo Kendall’s characters’ “Hello, sailor!” and Bill Oddie’s “How de do dere, honey!” One episode featured Bill attempting to turn “Terrapins!” into a catch phrase, only for the rest of the cast to keep telling him there was nothing funny about terrapins. Another episode included characters randomly blurting out the word “teapot” in the hope that the audience would be conditioned to find it funny. And by halfway through the episode they were. Catchphrases seemed to keep happening, whether the performers wanted them or not. Censored for Comedy: A recurring gag with medleys of censored songs from performers like Tom Jones or Rolf Harris. As you can imagine, they had a lot of fun with songs like ‘Two Little Boys’ (even if that’s Harsher in Hindsight now). Character Development: Unusual for a sketch show, but still present for many seasons, David Hatch usually played himself playing a generic announcer, and was otherwise either dull or snarky. Then, towards the end of season 7 and throughout season 8, he started identifying himself more as a producer, becoming more assertive, occasionally power mad, and actively trying to stop the surreality/filthy mindedness of other cast members rather than just providing a contrast to it. Deadpan Snarker: David Hatch and John Cleese, but John especially. Oh, well done. David Hatch, the boy genius. wholesale replica bags

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Replica Handbags Aliens Steal Cable: And are pop culture junkies. Anything That Moves: Billie before Ruth’s death. Arc Words: “Act with integrity. No regrets.” Art Evolution: This is what the first strip of the entire canon looked like. This is the latest strip of Dumbing of Age. Same artist. Ascended Extra: Billie. She started as a background character living with Ruth and was revealed to be both her childhood friend and the Roomies! cast’s One Degree of Separation to Walky a year or so later. Belligerent Sexual Tension: Danny and Billie. I’m enjoying this way too much. Book Ends: The comic begins and ends with Danny on the phone with his girlfriend and scolding Joe for climbing up out the window to the girls’ dorms, trying to get him to think of the consequences. The first time, Joe’s response shows his obliviousness to the concept of dealing with your actions; the second time, Joe has actually considered the potential ramifications (if only the favorable ones) and decided to do it anyway. Can’t Get Away with Nuthin”: Drink one beer, and you’ll proceed to get totally drunk and a close friend of yours will GET KILLED saving you from your own stupidity. Also lampshaded and averted much, much later (“Alcohol killed Ruth.” “No, Ruth killed Ruth.”) Cerebus Syndrome: Ruth’s death brought the strip’s consequence free hijinks to a screeching halt. Clingy Jealous Girl: Joyce started out as one. Worth noting that she was jealous over someone that wasn’t actually hers. Creator Cameo: “If I don’t get a girlfriend in the next five seconds I’m gonna jump out the window.” This was an accurate portrayal of Willis’ mindset at the time, and the first of many. Willis makes multiple background appearances throughout his comics, and later on becomes Ethan’s Sitcom Arch Nemesis in like it Shortpacked!. Disneyfication: Parodied with Roomies! issue two, which has Danny, Joe and Joyce watching “Disney’s Hansel and Gretel”. Early Bird Cameo: Dina, moreso than the rest of SEMME in one panel and judging by her surroundings hasn’t even been recruited yet. Fallen Princess: Billie, a former Libby esque Cheerleader, has a hard time adjusting to her loss of status upon entering college where no one cares how “cool” you supposedly were in high school. Famous Last Words: Ruth’s “Act with integrity. No regrets!” was echoed throughout the series, even by characters who didn’t know her. Heroic Sacrifice: Ruth saves Danny from being hit by a semi, at the cost of her own life when it hits her car instead. How Unscientific!: See below. I Have Brothers: Joyce has five, all older, which she used early on to explain her uncharacteristic fighting skills until the Alien plots kick in. She is Not My Girlfriend: Danny, word for word several times with Joyce. Irony: Ruth learned her “act with integrity” motto from her adulterous father. Info Dump: From this scene in Roomies! issue two, for those unfamiliar with the comic: Joe: What are we doing tonight Replica Handbags.