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If you join a political club full of old people in rural Texas, it’ll obviously be conservative. That doesn’t mean anyone is suppressing free speech, it just means it’s a different demographic. Also, when something skews one way politically, it’ll naturally get worse over time.

iPhone Cases That’s right, you actually get a better current yield in addition to less “call risk” with the C series. Based on closing prices, C is inherently superior to A as a value proposition. Note that all of the preferred shares paid their dividends on September 30th, so this isn’t an issue resulting from a difference in timing of cash flows.The D series offers a slightly higher upside if interest rates decline further because it is sold at a larger discount to the liquidation preference. iPhone Cases

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iPhone Cases (Jean Pieri / Pioneer Press)Residents who live on the south side of West Moore Street in Stillwater want to know why their neighbor to the north the Stillwater Country Club isn being assessed for the street reconstruction.Gwynne Fransen and her neighbor, Carol Gapen, will be assessed $7,582. Wendy Adams, who lives on the corner, must pay $3,791; she be assessed again when Martha Street is redone, she said.But the country club, which owns the land north of the two block stretch of West Moore, is not being assessed at all.UPDATE: Stillwater golf club did not try to avoid street assessment, its president saysFransen, Gapen and Adams say that is unfair. Country club employees and members regularly use the street, they say.got sod trucks, food service trucks, members all using it, said Fransen https://www.bestphonecasesale.com, who has lived on the street since 2003. iPhone Cases

iphone 6 plus case “I am embarrassed to say that I did not fully appreciate the very real and troubling issue of gentrification,” Herbert wrote. “When our advertising firm presented this campaign to us, I interpreted it as taking pride in being part of a dynamic, evolving community that is inclusive of people of all races, ethnicities, religions and gender identities. I recognize now that we had a blind spot to other legitimate interpretations iphone 6 plus case.