Now 54 and with four children

What happened to the infamous Chelsea vs Barcelona referees

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moncler donna On both moncler outlet occasions, Chelsea led in the first instance by Jose Mourinho and in the second by their incensed players, most notably Drogba and Michael Ballack whipped up a storm against the referees that in many ways was a forerunner to the type of social media infused, finger pointing blame culture we see in the game today. The hosts piumini moncler scontatissimi ended up winning 2 1. moncler donna

moncler outlet online shop Frisk received death threats to both himself and his family moncler uomo in the immediate aftermath, so much so that moncler bambino outlet he decided to immediately retire from refereeing two and a moncler outlet online shop half weeks after the match. moncler outlet online shop

piumini moncler outlet But for the 42 year old Frisk a referee who had seemed to enjoy the limelight the game was over. After a few emotional interviews, including one in which he described himself as “a Chelsea fan since boyhood” he called it a day saying that he was “too scared” to go on and that he “didn’t even know if he dared let his kids go to the post office”. piumini moncler outlet

moncler uomo He was hardly short of things to do though. moncler uomo

piumini moncler saldi A full moncler outlet trebaseleghe time insurance agent who also ran two cinemas, Frisk opened a wine company called 3 Amigos with two of his assistant referees after retiring and has travelled Europe helping with the development of officials. Now 54 and with four children, he enjoys a life away from the spotlight. piumini moncler saldi

moncler outlet serravalle Four years on piumini moncler uomo from Frisk’s retirement it was Norwegian Ovrebo who was occupying that spotlight, with the increase in social media activity over that gap of just under half a decade making it feel pretty hot under there. moncler moncleroutlet-i outlet serravalle

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moncler saldi A chaotic semi final, second leg at Stamford Bridge featured Ovrebo turning down as many as six Chelsea penalty appeals, which suddenly became all the more important when Andres Iniesta fired home from the edge of the box in stoppage time to make it 1 1 on the night and on aggregate, sending the Catalans through on away moncler outlet serravalle goals. He was outlet moncler the new Public Enemy No. 1 with Chelsea fans, and death threats were sent to his family home. moncler saldi

moncler saldi outlet But unlike Frisk, Ovrebo continued refereeing and continued inviting anger. moncler saldi outlet

piumini moncler uomo Sir Alex Ferguson suggested he wasn’t up to the job when he allowed Miroslav Klose’s clearly offside winner to stand in a match between Bayern Munich and Fiorentina in 2010, with the Manchester United boss suggesting the Norwegian was still feeling the pressure from the Chelsea incidents. piumini moncler uomo

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moncler outlet Three years after that night at Stamford Bridge, and a year before his retirement, Ovrebo who suggested that the Chelsea furore cost him a spot at the 2010 World Cup admitted he made mistakes, and that he was still receiving death threats, saying “one moncler outlet came yesterday but they go straight into the garbage box”. moncler outlet

moncler bambino saldi Now a trained psychologist a profession that has clearly come piumini moncler saldi in useful, even though he isn’t in the field of piumini moncler sports psychology the 51 moncler saldi outlet year old told a 2016 Norwegian documentary that he was smiling about the incidents in the immediate aftermath of them, as he and his officials were forced moncler donna to stay in their dressing room after the match to avoid the enraged Chelsea players. moncler bambino saldi

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piumini moncler “I remember saying to them, the dear guys, I just moncler saldi want to laugh,” he said, before adding of the chaotic, threat filled days that followed: “Yes, I wanted to moncler saldi uomo hide. Then there were a few days I used to think about it, call it a shame. It was an extremely reputable drop in a matter of moncler bambino saldi minutes. From being a relatively well known referee, I became the biggest moncler outlet online uomo clown in international football.” piumini moncler

moncler saldi uomo Ovrebo who has been in the media again this week, understating that the game “was piumini moncler outlet not my best day, really” ended his international career after missing out on the 2010 World Cup, but continued refereeing in Norway until 2013, citing the support he got in his native land as a key reason for carrying on. moncler saldi uomo

moncler outlet online uomo Neither he nor Frisk will be anywhere near Stamford Bridge on Tuesday, but memories of them will be impossible to supress moncler outlet online uomo.