No Accounting for Taste: Miss Chiffre’s fianc is a tiny

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replica handbags china Hot Teacher: Miss Claudia Chiffre, a buxom meganekko with a tendency to wear miniskirts. One strip shows that nearly every teacher in the school is one of these, with Spirou getting excellent grades in every subject taught by one of them (except gym class, obviously). And even he gets replaced once by a Hot Teacher. Hunk: The woodshop teacher. Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Every book is titled after a different Stock Phrase of parents everywhere (You’ll understand when you’re older, Can’t you act your age, It’s for your own good, etc.). Implausible Deniability: Spirou is bad at thinking up spur of the moment explanations. He once entered the women’s restroom with shades and a cane claiming he was looking for the subway. Male Restroom Etiquette: One one page gag was dedicated to this. Meaningful Name: Monsieur M (cigarette butt) the heavy smoker, Miss Chiffre (number) the math teacher, Langelusse (a church bell) the local priest. Ms. Fanservice: Damn near every woman in the series, from Spirou’s mother to the teachers (especially Miss Claudia who is the main source of Replica Handbags fanservice). My Beloved Smother: The school principal has one who treats him like a small child. Naked People Are Funny: Many strips feature nudity, with strategic censoring. Naked People Trapped Outside: happens to Spirou in an episode of the animated series. No Accounting for Taste: Miss Chiffre’s fianc is a tiny accountant looking man, while the ridiculously handsome woodshop teacher has the hots for an incredibly ugly librarian (herself M Abhorrent Admirer). M himself occasionally goes on dates with a supermodelesque lady only to screw it up somehow, yet she keeps going out with him. Nostalgia Filter: The film has a very enjoyable nostalgic feel to it, down to the local Catholic priest (the vestments he wears haven’t been generally used since the 60’s) and Spirou’s grandfather who actually is a veteran of the First World War. Not So Different: One strip has the kids start bragging about who gets to stay up the latest. The teachers break up the fight, then start using the exact same sentences to brag about how fast their cars go. The Peeping Tom: A repeated gag is about Spirou and his friends trying ogle naked women. Porn Stash: Spirou’s grandfather keeps one, which Spirou keeps trying to get access to, by thievery or blackmail. Primal Scene: Subverted: One strip has Spirou under his parents’ bed as they’re playing “hide the banana”, but he isn’t affected. Punny Name: Masseur. In French “Masseur” sounds like “ma soeur”, “My sister”. This allows Suzette to trade photos of the naked Masseur for treats, as people understand “Je te donnerai une photo de masseur nue” (“I’ll give you a nude photo of Masseur”) as “I’ll give you a nude photo of my sister”. Abbot Langelusse. His name is a pun on “angelus”. Running Gag: In strips about sports class: M Who said [snarky comment about the day’s activity]? replica handbags china

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