Ms Holloway soon quit her job to focus on the booming business

KnockOff Handbags It was a tearaway success, and later that year US retailer Urban Outfitters placed a monthly, 3000 package order for a six month period after spotting the product on Instagram.Ms Holloway soon quit her job to focus on the booming business full time, and in 2016 the pair launched a second venture by opening vegan cafe Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne.Within 24 hours, the blue concoction, made from E3 live blue algae, lemon, ginger agave and coconut milk, had made global headlines.Matcha Mylkbar’s Smurf Latte became a global hit thanks to an Instagram post. Picture: SuppliedSource:InstagramSoon, the cafe was raking in $1000 a day from Smurf Latte sales alone, with lines snaking around the block and customers queuing for up to three hours just to get a snap with the Insta famous beverage.Ms Holloway said she still couldn quite believe the hype over the drink, which gained media attention as far away as Nigeria and the US.launched everything on social media and pretty much from there we had big queues, she said.the time 24 hours had gone by the post had gone nuts. We already had two to three hour queues on weekends and that started spilling over into weekdays.was just crazy and I still sometimes can believe that just one drink could go so nuts it took off within a couple of hours and it quite rare to have such an instantaneous reaction. KnockOff Handbags

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