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So you might want a few shows to tide you over until you can finally see these new episodes. HBO doesn’t really have aesthetically similar shows, but as Netflix has over 1,500 shows in its library, there are obviously a few that have clear resemblances to “Game of Thrones.”Netflix added many of these relevant shows with gratuitous sword based fighting, warring families and plentiful sex scenes in just the last few years, so it’s also safe to say the popularity of “Game of Thrones” is at least part of the reason Netflix gobbled up these shows in the first place.As “Game of Thrones” is both a very popular and (at least generally) critically adored series, a list of recommended titles to watch next could really feature any other successful, well written show. If you like “Game of Thrones,” your taste would probably lead you to HBO’s “Westworld” or even something fairly dissimilar at face value like FX’s “Atlanta.” So if you just want recommendations for other good shows, you can also check out HuffPost’sweekly roundup of what to watch.Here, we’re specifically focused on shows that have distinct visual and narrative similarities to “Game of Thrones.” This list is if you basically want to watch episodes of “Game of Thrones” you haven’t seen yet, but can’t.

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