Many include a tiny Brazilian flag

It rains, it just gets really wet, Principal David Cooke said. Get pools and waterfalls. I always remember the chaos that happens when it rained. Buckle, who’d been sitting on a fire hydrant selling his DVDs, says one of the women swung first. During the fight, he ripped hair out from one of the girls’ heads and reportedly choked another. The whole encounter, captured by a surveillance camera at a nearby movie theater, lasted four minutes.

So things we’ve improved, we’ve improved our salad mix. We’ve improved our guacamole. You guys some of you have guacamole last night. By the time passengers tackled Colin Ferguson, his fusillade had left six people dead and 19 wounded. Though other massacres have far superseded it in terms of casualties, there are aspects of the railcar shooting that, even two decades later, make it stand out in the sad pantheon of rampages that have horrified the nation. “In a mall or a school or a movie theater, there is at least some opportunity for hiding or escaping,” said James Alan Fox, a criminology professor at Northeastern University in Boston..

It said the spill was contained within a day of the storm. It has resumed limited marine operations at Carteret and hopes to do so soon for Perth Amboy and Staten Island. EAST COAST REFINERIES: COMPANY PLANT CAPACITY STATUS (bpd) PBF Energy Delaware City, 190,000 Operations normal.

The new cryptocurrencies function through a technology called blockchain, essentially a public ledger maintained by a network of computers. Blockchain applications are being tested by financial services firms, food suppliers, retailers and other businesses as a way to make record keeping simpler and cheaper. Tezos aims to be a blockchain that’s more reliable than the ones behind bitcoin and ether.

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Rashid to Nair, FOUR, here it is. Chepauk has a slice of history, Karun Nair has a triple ton. And gone are the days when triple tons were a Sehwag thing. The excitement and pressure that comes along with such a high profile and competitive job is inevitably going to bring out what Id like to call the green eyed monster. People will bash you when you are successful and especially when your success has become a threat to their own. However, there is a line to this harmless fun that should not be crossed and I think your team crossed it with your behavior during your celebration parade.

Tijuana Flats: Get $2 tacos and $2 Mexican drafts Wednesday at participating locations. Many locations of the fast casual Tex Mex chain have a Tuesday taco deal called Tijuana Tuesdaze where two tacos, chips and a medium drink are $5.99. Also, all locations have a take home Homemade taco meal kit for $31.99.

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