Level Editor Level Goal Magnet Hands: Hey

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cheap replica handbags You should read his stuff. And several of them should be classified with a “not yet” note as they are still adolescent children. Fine examples include: Karin Murphy from The Dresden Files, an otherwise normal human woman that’s helped take on vampires, werewolves and fairy queens. Kitai from Codex Alera. Daugter of a “barbarian” chief, she is is a dangerous fighter. She once bit a man’s nose off because that was all she could reach when he was detaining her. She joins the hero Tavi in battle many times in the series. The Cinder Spires gives us Gwendolyn Lancaster and Bridget Tagwynn, both sixteen year old maidens. Gwen shows a fortitude and calm during a bad situation by calmly and intentionally blowing off the head of the enemy’s leader. Bridget worked for most of her life moving heavy slabs of meat in her family’s vattery. She is adapt at close combat. The Dresden Files has three Margarets, The Cinder Spires has one (Gwen’s second name is Margaret). Similarly, Gwendolyn. (Gwen Lancaster in The Cinder Spires, Margaret Gwendolyn LeFay in The Dresden Files). Action Girls, in particular those who are either very petite or amazonian. Try finding a woman between five and six feet in height anywhere in a Jim Butcher novel. Go ahead. We’ll wait. Catch Phrase: “I’m not gonna tell you.” His answer to questions he doesn’t want to answer. It has started getting applause at his Q Sessions. Dark Action Girl: He’s had plenty of these show up. Lara Raith of the White Court vampires is probably the best example. Royals Who Actually Do Something: All three of his series so far have included people of royal standing (or near enough to it) willing to get their hands dirty. In Codex Alera being an almighty badass is pretty much a job requirement for any High Lord or Lady. The Dresden Files Has the fairy Queens, one of whom saved Harry’s life. It also gives us a meta example with the Knights of the Cross, wielders of divinely powered swords who are apparently always descended from royalty. During the Vampire War, the Red King is frequently on the front line or close to it. Spirearch Addison Albion of The Cinder Spires puts on a front of absent mindedness, but the events of the first novel make it clear he still has a lot of influence. Deadpan Snarker: The defining trademark that each of his main characters posses. The man himself is no slouch either. cheap replica handbags

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