Lethal Lava Land: The aptly named Cave of Flames

Kill the Cutie: Young shin. Last Stand: Jin tae buys time for Jin seok to escape by gunning down as much Communist soldiers as he can before he kicks the bucket. Man on Fire: Seen as the men in the Lees’ unit are bombarded outside of Pusan. The Drunk and The Ugly is a podcast featuring actual plays of tabletop role playing games and occasionally other content like interviews and reviews. The group generally strays from dungeon crawlers, opting for more character driven pieces. Games played include Monsters and Other Childish Things, Eclipse Phase, Call of Cthulhu, Little Fears, Wild Talents, and several home brews. It’s a rare case when the victim doesn’t end up dead, though she was immediately rushed to a hospital and bears an ugly scar afterwards. Squick: In universe, Number Five’s “disposal” of his superior, Carmichael. Summon Bigger Fish: The Rumor’s solution to a giant berserker Abraham Lincoln statue: A giant John Wilkes Booths statue, complete with a stone derringer.

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