)LEMONSLIMESMILK (I prefer skim for drinking

Pantry Must-Haves

As a teacher, both my budget and cheap Canada Goose my time are canada goose deals severely limited but, canada goose I LOVE food. Too many people assume that canada goose black friday sale food can’t be both tasty and good for you, or that cooking is simply Canada Goose Parka too much Canada Goose online work for their buy canada goose jacket cheap busy lives. Lies and deceit! I’m here to show you how canada goose coats easy, fun and cost-effective it can be to whip up delicious, good-for-you meals. My cooking style is heavily influenced by both Spanish small-plate delights and Southern staples and buy canada goose jacket I’ve mastered the Canada Goose sale delicate balance between leaner fare and comfort foods. Whether you’re a kitchen novice in need of serious help or a seasoned chef looking for new inspiration, The Cute Cook is here for you!When I first lived on my own, I constantly found myself ready to make a recipe only to https://www.forcanadagoose.ru discover I was missing something. After a few failed culinary remixes (FYI: brown sugar and white sugar are cousins, not identical twins), I finally learned how to cultivate a well-stocked pantry. Think of this list as canada goose clearance your kitchen’s first aid kit. I guarantee that if you keep these on Canada Goose Coats On Sale hand, canada goose store you’ll be able canada goose clearance sale to KEEP Canada Goose Jackets IT CUTE in the kitchen at the drop of a dime.BABY SPINACH (High fiber. Tasty. Easy. ‘Nuff said.)BAKING Canada Goose Outlet POWDERBAKING SODABALSAMIC canada goose coats on sale VINEGARBARBECUE SAUCEBASIL (Dried is fine unless you’re making something that calls for canada goose outlet fresh.)BELL PEPPER Canada Goose Online (Pre-sliced and frozen cuts waste and prep time!)BLACK BEANS (If you’re pressed for time, canned are really helpful; just make sure to get a low-sodium variety.)BROWN SUGARCILANTROCINNAMONCOARSELY GROUND SEA SALTCOCOA POWDERCRESCENT ROLLS (These can be used to create SOOOO many recipes!)CRUSHED RED PEPPEREGGSEXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILFLOURFLOUR TORTILLASGREEN ONIONSHONEYITALIAN DRESSING (The vinegar makes it an awesome quickie marinade for meats.)JELLY/MARMALADE (I prefer slightly acidic varieties like raspberry and orange)MAYONAISSE (Don’t skimp and buy the cheap stuff. Try an olive oil-based variety for a special kick.)LEMONSLIMESMILK (I prefer skim for drinking, but keep whole, 2% or heavy cream around when I’m baking.)MINCED GARLIC (Has a longer shelf life than fresh and cuts your prep time.)MOLASSESNUTMEGOIL (Canola or vegetable)OLD BAY SEASONING (The absolute BEST for seafood!)ONIONSORANGE JUICEOREGANOPARMESANPASTA (Consider funky shapes to jazz up traditional recipes.)PANKO BREAD CRUMBS (They crisp up nicer than other kinds and aren’t loaded with salt/seasoning.)PEANUT BUTTERPEPPERCORNS (Fresh ground > pre-ground, always. Invest in a mill, they aren’t at all expensive and totally worth it.)POTATOES (White potatoes are a no-brainer; sweet potatoes are a surprisingly versatile and healthy choice.)POWDERED GARLIC (I add this to water when boiling it for pasta instead of salt.)POWDERED SUGARPREMADE PIE CRUSTSRED PEPPERSALSASEMI-SWEET CHOCOLATE CHIPSSHREDDED CHEESE (I keep sharp cheddar and mozzarella around. When the block varieties are on sale, I shred them and keep store in a zip top bag.)SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK (Loads of quickie desserts can be made with these)TOMATOESTOMATO PASTETOMATO canadian goose jacket PUREE (Ever since I figured out how easy it is to make my own sauce, I’ve never looked back.)TONY canada goose replica CHACHERE’S FAMOUS CREOLE SEASONING (NO MSG and it is much better than seasoned salt!)TURBINADO SUGAR (It’s sweeter than regular sugar and considered better for you.)VANILLA EXTRACTVEGETARIAN BAKED BEANSUNSALTED BUTTERFollow The Cute Cook on Tumblr and Twitter.