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Information on the internet suggests both were athletes at McDonogh 35 High School before Scott went on to play football at McNeese State in Lake Charles.Kieffer’s is the only name mentioned in Bauer’s complaint other than Scott and Mitchell. Magistrate Michael North.An attorney for Kieffer iPhone x case, Martin Regan, said Monday that as far as he knows, his client is in Louisiana and there is no warrant for his arrest.Scott’s attorney, Benny George, said Friday that his client should be given the opportunity to post bail because he lacked a prior criminal record and has no passport, suggesting he isn’t dangerous or a flight risk. Scott was working to support his young daughter, and the homes he shared with his parents and grandfather are local addresses, George added.North said he had to view Scott’s apparent lying in the “broader context” of his potentially being charged in McBride’s murder, which would qualify him as dangerous and give him a strong reason to hide..

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iphone x cases While Clarke’s loutishness has been documented in New Times (“A Real Class Act,” July 9, 1998; “No Class,” May 27, 1999) and in the Miami Herald, Exelbert has slithered beyond the reach of both the court system and the media. This is odd, given the fact that board members simultaneously discussed the fate of both men June 23. That day six school board members then chairman Solomon Stinson, current chairwoman Perla Tabares Hantman, Marta Perez, Demetrio Perez, Michael Krop, and Robert Ingram voted against firing the two men iphone x cases.