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There are a few sure things in my world, and a Chanel bag is one of them. They are appropriate for just about any occasion (even the US Open!), never look dated, and just when you thought they couldn’t possibly think of more ways to tempt us with the chains and quilted lambskin mihalis.de , they come out with the St. Tropez classic bag. To me, it’s a youthful version of the 2.55 classic (love how Chanel still uses ‘classic’ instead of ‘timeless’, the trendy verbiage for old styles)– it has all the same elements but done in a rumpled, rounded and effortless way. Like the 2.55, it comes in 3 sizes in multiple colors. The one above is the medium (20.5X28cm) and costs $2350 (hurry and get yours, Chanel raises prices as often as I buy bags). Available at select CHANEL Boutiques (call my SA Korey at 214-520-1055) and at www.chanel.com.


What a great update on a classic!

I am on the fence. It’s okay, but I just don’t feel the need to buy it.

Now this looks like in was made in the 70’s in a great way unlike the Gucci bags in the previous post. I love this bag. I think I may even like it more than the 2.55 which is saying a lot I know.

not my cup of tea but it’s a lot better than some of the other channel bags I’ve seen as of late.

What an awesome spin on a clazzic!! Perfect for those who prefer a less stiff mihalis.de , structured Chanel!

its not a striking bag but definitely has a touch of class could be worn during the day, and at night to a bar

Omg love it! What colors does this come in?

CHANEL Cruise 2011: St. Tropez Classic Flap Bag

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