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Meanwhile, in the spring of 2004, Hermes’ Ellena was busy creating a new scent to add to the company’s River series. Inspired by a summer trip to a grove of mango trees on a little island in the Nile, it took Ellena six months and five major samples (or “modifications”) to come up with the final “juice,” which contains about 30 natural and synthetic ingredients.

Replica Hermes Belts In translation, the book now unfolds as follows. The first section, ‘Mythology’, opens with ‘Hermes’ Ears: Places and Symbols of Communication in Ancient Culture’, in which Bettini muses over the various epithets of Hermes, an exploration that leads him through a fascinating series of digressions beginning with the social significance of the proverb ‘lupus in fabula’ (‘speak of the Devil’) and moving through the possibility of talking with the dead, the various types of trained ‘memory man’ in the ancient world, and the ears as the seat of memory. Chapter two, ‘Brutus the Fool’, is devoted to the story of how Brutus feigns madness after his father is killed by his cousin Tarquin in order to deceive this murderous usurper into thinking him a harmless halfwit. Bettini collects the scattered textual fragments that report the nature of his foolish behaviour. Although these may follow the predictable narrative patterns of folklore, Bettini carefully extracts the specific qualities of Brutus’ false stupidity that are particular to the Roman context. In the process, he manages to retrieve something of the fugitive character of the popular fable in the Roman world. Antiquity was no stranger to the challenges raised by cultural relativity, and Bettini quotes Herodotus dryly observing that ‘everyone isconvinced of the superiority of his own customs over all the rest’ (91). Replica Hermes Belts

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