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canada goose outlet in toronto (EPA EFE/Shutterstock)Rally organizer Seyoum Teshome told The Washington Post that he saw the attack unfold, and that the cheap Canada Goose prime minister was saved by one of the demonstration’s participants.”Someone was trying to throw the grenade and then another person touched his hand so he missed the target and the grenade fell without reaching the stage,” he said.The blast came just as the master of ceremonies was welcoming viewers from abroad and said in English that “this is the day that Ethiopia has become proud.”The canada goose store sound of the live canadian goose jacket broadcast on state television cut after the blast, and people in the crowd could be seen craning their heads in the direction of the canada goose sound.Photos on social media after the attack showed scattered clothes on the ground, a few motionless bodies and people crying.Ethiopian Prime Minister Canada Goose Jackets Abiy Ahmed at a rally in Addis Ababa before the explosion. (Reuters)Local media have quoted police in saying the incident is being treated canada goose black friday sale as an assassination attempt.In a tweet following the attack, Abiy’s chief of staff Fitsum Arega promised that the perpetrators would be brought to justice.”We will overcome hate with love. Some whose heart is filled with hate attempted a grenade attack,” he said. canada goose outlet in toronto

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