In eight innings in the series, he scored 493 runs at 61

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Designer Fake Bags In the 2013 14 Ashes series, one of the key factors in Australia’s ability to recover from dodgy top order contributions was the consistency of Brad Haddin at No. 7. Repeatedly, he put together partnerships with one of the specialist batsmen or the tail, and ended up dragging Australia to totals which gave the bowlers enough runs to play with. In eight innings in the series, he scored 493 runs at 61.62, with six scores of 50 or more. In the previous Ashes series, in 2013 which England had won 3 0, Haddin had scored 206 runs in ten innings at 22.88. A part of the difference was in the way he tackled Anderson and Broad in the two series (though Graeme Swann also played a huge role in the 2013 series, dismissing Haddin four times conceding 80 runs, compared to figures of none for 76 against Haddin in the 2013 14 series). Anderson and Broad had combined figures of 2 for 184 against Haddin in 2013 14 (average of 92 runs per wicket); in 2013, they had combined figures of 4 for 80, with each bowler getting him twice. Designer Fake Bags

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