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Men in the 1987 Pan Am final. In that game, Oscar Schmidt carried the Brazilian team past the dumbfounded American men in Indianapolis.. Riddle said. Bus driver showed no signs of impairment that our officers could see, smell or observe. People who attended the festival yesterday said products with African American themes sometimes are hard to come by, but they were in abundant supply at AFRAM, a celebration of black culture and heritage. “The black people here, they really like the African stuff,” said Yacine Ba, a native of Senegal, who was selling hand made dolls and jewelry.

“I have received numerous phone calls from officers with an intimate knowledge of what appears to be, at a minimum, ethical conflicts and, at a maximum, corruption,” said Walker. “I remain concerned that our officers continue to be led by a man that they have clearly stated they do not want as their leader, and while the final decision rests with the county executive as to whether the chief stays or goes, I am going to continue asking questions until I get the answers that I need and the public is demanding.”.

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Lots of vintage children’s books, a talking viewmaster for David, a blue marbled bowling ball for my garden and this huge bag of white and pearly buttons! What will I do with many pounds of old buttons? Who knows, but I’m sure it will be fabulous. I asked David if I should make him a pearly king outfit a la Jack White, but he said he was sure I’d find a better use for them..

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That district, now represented by city dweller Sen. Verna Jones Rodwell, would be roughly split two thirds in the county and one third in the city. Mary Lou Bartram, publicity director for the MJTA, explained that in some tournaments the riders and horses are elaborately costumed in medieval dress. Saturday’s nearly 100 degree temperatures required a different style of dress and more casual attire of T shirts, blue jeans and even shorts, though some sported standard riding gear..

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