He saw the traffic problems of Somdejprapinklao Bridge on July

If convicted of first degree murder, he potentially faces up to life in prison without parole.The siblings, Clifton residents, had been fighting with Thomas’ close friend, Zaquan Williams, and Thomas intervened, prosecutors said.In his opening statement last week, Assistant District Attorney Adam Silberlight said the fatal chain of events was set in motion when Thomas and Williams and two women left an after hours club called “Basement” near the corner of Targee and Vanderbilt.Law enforcement sources previously told the Advance the club was on Hillside Avenue, which is just off the intersection.Williams apparently was drunk and walked across the street to a gas station where he began “mouthing off” and fought with two different people, said Silberlight, who prosecuted the case along with Assistant District Attorney Natalie Barros.One of the combatants was replica designet handbags a buddy of Terrell Brown’s.Terrell Ford came upon the scene and began fighting with Williams himself, said Silblerlight.At that time, Justin Ford was finishing his shift at a livery service at the intersection.Seeing his brother embroiled in a fight, Justin Ford went to his aid, Silberlight said.As the Fords fought with Williams, the defendant went to get his 9 mm gun, which he had stuffed in Naya Griffin’s handbag earlier in the evening, said Silberlight. She was one of the women with Thomas and Williams, he said.Griffin struggled with him, but Thomas wrested the weapon away and went toward the Fords, Silberlight said.Thomas pumped one bullet into Justin Ford’s back, fracturing ribs and damaging organs, said Silberlight.The defendant shot Terrell Ford in the stomach and back, breaking ribs and vertebrae, he said.Terrell Ford collapsed and died, while his brother ran around the corner, where he collapsed in the street and succumbed to his injuries, said Silberlight.Thomas fled, but was tracked down four days later on Oct. 8 hiding beneath clothes in his girlfriend’s closet, said Silberlight.In the meantime, investigators had found one 9 mm round and three 9 mm shell casings at the shooting scene, Silberlight said.All the bullets were fired from the same gun, he said.He denied ever having a gun that night or putting a weapon in Griffin’s handbag.He said Williams had walked across the street to a gas station as they waited for a cab after leaving the club and began arguing and fighting with “one or two” people..

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This bridge was built by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. On the occasion of his visit to the sickness of HRH Princess Srinagarindra. He saw the traffic problems of Somdejprapinklao Bridge on July 15th. It is not a work cut. If there is an embroidered comment that will cut off the right moment.

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