He can’t get rid of it, even when he’s actively trying to

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Replica Designer Handbags Idiot Hero: Shu. Then again, he’s like. 10 at best, so we can forgive him for it, but he’s still noted for being a very. Silly person even by his peers. Incredibly Lame Pun: Ambiguously Gay or not, he still is Crocodile Dandy. Indecisive Deconstruction Innocent Fanservice Girl: Halca. She keeps jars of bits and pieces of Legendz in her closet. Interspecies Romance: Halca goes on a happy date with Shiron. Shiron almost gets forced to marry Meg’s mouse counterpart. Shiron has Dandy clearly head over heels for him. (See a pattern?) Then BB and Greedo. The less said about Ed and Linda the better. Image Song Jazz: Some of the background music has this. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Shiron generally acts ignorant and jerkish most of the time, but he cares a great deal about Shu and his friends, and will go to any lengths to protect them. Knight of Cerebus: Whenever Ranshiin gets out of his hideout, you know it is going to get serious. The CEO of Dark Wiz Company/the Saga of Darkness, Yul Hepburn AKA Halca’s father, eventually usurps Ranshiin’s role in the second half of the show, along with the legendary Darkness Legendz Jabberwock. Killed Off for Real: Halca, when she tries to call back Jabberwock to the giant Talispod. This costs her her life, and it pushes Yul straight into Despair Event Horizon, triggering Jabberwock’s complete form and starting the Legendz War. This was completely averted when the Light Legendz pushed the Reset Button, returning the timeline to the time before Ranshiin brings them to the Legendz Kingdom undoing Halca’s efforts to call back Jabberwock. Laser Guided Amnesia: All https://www.designerreplicabags.com the Legendz have it. They can’t remember the last war at all. Or at least don’t until the next one starts. Light Is Good Lonely Rich Kid: Dino. He has the riches and all, but he doesn’t care about all of it, and all he wants is his family to be back together. Loyal Phlebotinum: Shu’s Talispod. He can’t get rid of it, even when he’s actively trying to. The Magic Comes Back: The Legendz were sealed away but then they made a comeback and the world was shaken. Malicious Misnaming: Dino gets called “snob” by Shu. A lot. Master of Disguise: Halca sensei. Who happens to be one of those international superspy types. She is also a complete and utter Fangirl for anything Legendz related. Merchandise Driven: Yep. Definitely some of this in there. Mood Whiplash: The show is relatively lighthearted, but more or less takes a huge nosedive during the whole Griffon in the Arboretum segment. Also when the actual main antagonist, The CEO/Darkness Saga Yul Hepburn debuted. Ms. Exposition: Garion, being the most knowledgeable members of the Legendz Club. Greedo even lampshades this on one point:Greedo: Since the past, Garion has always been talkative Replica Designer Handbags.