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However, recently the Tasrif Launch is connected in two ways, because of the competition and the rent is low.

– Chandpur – Kaliganj (Mahendiganj) – Bisworod (Bhola) – Daulat Khan (Bhola) – Mirzakalu – Sharshganj – Bhola Tazumuddin – Manpura (Ramnewaj Launch Ghat) and Manpura Hajirhat Launch Ghat. The two, ie, Tipu-5 or Panama 2 launch and missed, but in the afternoon Dhaka-Fatulla-Kaliganj (Mayndiganj) -Bisarod (Bhola) – Daulat Khan (Bhola) – Mirzakalu-Sharasganj-Bhola Tazumuddin-Sharshi Sea-truck Ghat-Mars Shikder-Baitua (Charfashion).

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