Eccentric Millionaire: Horatio Nimsy Porpington De Mented

Um, not saying that SAHM shouldn be praised, Lord knows they do. But seriously, this really steams my clams. To infer that it a matter of priorities is malarkey. Here a priority for ya, Dr. Laura, paying my damn bills. I not talking about a Macys card. I talking about my mortgage payment, my car payment, my medical bills, food know, little things like that. And really, when I at work it a different kind of stress, mostly positive. I like working and training and knowing exactly when I see the pay off. As opposed to working for MONTHS on crawling, and not knowing when she get it. I love my daughter with all my heart, and if we had more income coming in maybe I would SAHM. But to infer that my fiancee or child is somehow less happy is doing a HUGE misservice to not only me, but other working mothers as well.

high quality designer replica handbags A sad implication of this mindset is the misconception that truly creative works demand the use of mind altering drugs which, if you are a creator who wasn’t taking drugs but gets this accusation leveled at your work, can be something highly insulting (as it diminishes a creator’s own creativity and inventiveness). And in real life, composing any work of art (or doing anything more complex than opening a door, for that matter) is borderline impossible when tripping on hallucinogens like DMT or mescaline. Most admitted users of psychedelics tend to do their work between trips, not during (whether or not said work is inspired by the trips.) Stuff like cocaine doesn’t, in normal doses, actually make you hallucinate or think trippy things, though it does make doing more cocaine sound like a fantastic idea, and heroic single doses or a long history of heavy cocaine use has been documented to cause psychotic breaks of one kind or another. high quality designer replica handbags

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