Dew point values are 10 degrees higher at MSP than along

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canada goose outlet black friday Why So Humid? Some meteorologists theorize that standing water on the Missouri (and “sweaty corn) over southern Minnesota) may be injecting more water into the air. Dew point values are 10 degrees higher at MSP than along canada goose jacket outlet sale the Gulf Coast! Take a bow, you are living through historic canada goose outlet edmonton heat (and humidity). canada goose parka outlet Wednesday may bring a high of 100 degrees in the Twin Cities. canada goose outlet black friday

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canada goose jacket outlet Concerning ‘cosmic shadows’ (the Sunyaev Zel’dovich (SZ) effect). While many researchers have looked for cosmic shadows in WMAP data before perhaps the best known to the general public is the 2006 Lieu, Mittaz, and Zhang paper (the SZ effect: hot electrons in the plasma which pervades rich clusters of galaxies interact with CMB photons, via inverse Compton scattering) the canada goose outlet winnipeg WMAP team’s recent analysis is their first to investigate this effect. They detect the SZ effect directly in the nearest rich cluster (Coma; Virgo is behind the Milky Way foreground), and also statistically by correlation with the location of some 700 relatively nearby rich clusters. canada goose jacket outlet

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