Dances and Balls: A now super rich Bea meets Steve for the

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Designer Replica Bags Based on a novel by Fannie Hurst. Delilah says that all she wants is a big fancy funeral, complete with a procession through town and a horse drawn carriage for her coffin. At the end, that’s what she gets. Dances and Balls: A now super rich Bea meets Steve for the first time when he comes to a ball that she is hosting in her New York townhouse. Death by Despair: Delilah just weakens and dies for no particular reason after Peola says that she’s cutting Delilah out of her life so she can pass as white. Has Two Mommies: Bea and Delilah form a little family of their own, raising Jessie and Peola into adulthood. Heterosexual Life Partners: Bea and Delilah form a life long friendship, which includes living together. Hollywood Genetics: OK, Peola’s Disappeared Dad is described as “light skinned”, but it still seems absurd that a woman as dark skinned as Delilah could birth a child as white looking as Peola. (The actress who played Peola, Fredi Washington, was in fact of mixed white and African American ancestry.) Mammy: Both played straight and subverted in the person of Delilah. Delilah certainly hits every note of the stereotypical Mammy uneducated, ungrammatical English, and an extremely servile attitude. She doesn’t even ask for any money when her pancake mix makes Bea rich. On the other hand, unlike most every other Mammy in film history, Delilah has character depth and a storyline of her own, in which she is trying to raise her light skinned child the best she can. Maybe Ever After: Once she finds out that Jessie has fallen in love with Steve, Bea decides to break up with Steve to prevent anything coming between her and Jessie. But she tells Steve to call on her again whenever Jessie falls in love with someone else. Meet Cute: A platonic example, as Delilah blunders into Bea’s home due to confusing the address in a want ad. She winds up staying with Bea forever. Then a more conventional romantic version in which Steve, invited to Bea’s party, dances with her without knowing who she is. He complains about having to meet the “pancake queen.” Pass Fail: The story of Peola’s life, as she continually seeks to deny and escape from her mother in order to hide the fact that she’s really black. In one sad scene, Peola is humiliated when Delilah shows up at her school in order to bring her some galoshes. Riddle for the Ages: Just what does Delilah put in those pancakes? Running Gag: Various characters having no idea what an ichthyologist is. Time Skip: Several years after Bea opens the pancake house, to show that it was a success, five more years to show that the pancake mix business has made her rich, then several more years after that to show Jessie and Peola as adults. Designer Replica Bags

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