Cool Old Guy: The tribe chieftain

There was a “booby trap type device directly within the threshold of the front door,” which appeared to be “just barely clear of the door swing.” It was “a victim activated device” with a “trip wire” anchored to something “up on the wall” and connected to an open thermos jug lying on top of a pile of shoes. The jug, which contained a clear plastic bottle with some type of liquid in it, was positioned so that the opening was over the top of a frying pan on the floor below it. If a person walked into the room, he would hit the wire, and pushing on the trip wire, in turn, would pull the jug over the frying pan. There was also some white powder on the flood in the threshold of the door. Further, scattered across the floor of the family room, “there were three clusters of what appeared to be explosive or incendiary devices,” and in the middle of two of those clusters were “small black plastic boxes with flashing red LED lights” that seemed to be “remote firing devices” for the explosives.

wholesale replica bags “Blind Idiot” Translation: Katie briefly speaks Korean and while she talks about a basement poker game, the subtitles say that it’s a underground poker game. Brutal Honesty: Chuck lets Carol stay as an intern after she calls him out on his diva behavior. He admires that she tells him the truth while everyone else around him is a Yes Man. Buses Are for Freaks: Katie has to take the bus to a Halloween party in “Night of the Living Screen”. Among the people she meets are a guy who says “I’m making toilet” and another guy who’s carrying a soup tureen for trick or treaters. Buxom Is Better: Among the reasons Carol lists for Greg being attracted to Katie is “she has Nana’s yabbos.” Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Beth Virek, the weird weatherwoman. She believes the apocalypse is coming in the form of earthquakes in 2018, thinks that the weather is alive (or at least conscious enough that it can have a relationship with her), and admits to having grown up in a home for “strange children”. Creator Cameo: Wigfield has a small recurring role as Beth the weird weatherwoman. Cool Old Lady: Carol to a tee. She’s got a massive online social following, throws a great party for the staff in episode 1 5, is very popular with everyone who works on the show, and often goes gambling with her friends. Corrupt Corporate Executive: Mildred Marlock, Greg’s grandmother, international business woman and the owner of the network. It is she who is behind the data mining scandal, all so she can acquire the knowledge for her own use. Dirty Coward: When Chuck agrees to go back into the field, to report on South Sudan, Greg asks for previous footage of him in the first Gulf War to use for promos. The footage reveals that he spent the whole time freaking out and cowering. This gets slightly deconstructed as Chuck points out how it’s incredibly easy to mock a person for being afraid when you yourself are in the comfort and safety of your own office, but it’s a different story when you actually have to face the danger. However, it’s clear that despite this he really is a coward. Chuck: (to a random Iraqi woman) I renounce the United States of America! I want to become one of Saddam Hussein’s beautiful brides! wholesale replica bags

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Replica Bags The Mole: Kasumi is actually Batgirl, installed to keep an eye on the team by Batman. Nightmare Fetishist: Menagerie adores her little “bambinos”. Everyone else finds them disgusting. Noble Bigot: Al Sheikh is a complete asshole towards Dawn because she is a “pagan” who “dresses like a harlot” (for reference, Al Sheikh is a former member of the Saudi Arabian government, so presumably he’s a devout Wahhabi Muslim, which means that his standards of “modesty” are probably not shared by most people, and Dawn wears more clothing than most comic book women.) On the other hand, he makes sure that she plays a role in running the team, and after Manitou dies, he is fully prepared to offer her compensation to insure that she doesn’t become dependent on Oliver Queen. Replica Bags

Replica Handbags Chekhov’s Gun: The luggage. Complaining about Complaining: See Broken Record. Convenient Terminal Illness: Joe’s poor prognosis drives the entire plot. Cool Old Guy: The tribe chieftain, much like every character played by Abe Vigoda. Crapsack World: Joe’s workplace, which we get a tour of to the tune of the mining song “16 Tons”. Dare to Be Badass: Graynamore’s pitch to a dying Joe: live like a king, die like a man. Death by Materialism: According to the Waponi chief, his people have been seduced by orange soda (given to them by Graynamore), and now none of them are willing to sacrifice themselves to appease their volcano god. Since none of them jump, the volcano god destroys the island. Dream Sequence: More of a sun induced fever dream, but still. Eccentric Millionaire: Graynamore, who’s not as kind as he seems, making a perfectly healthy man commit suicide by making him think he has a fatal disease. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement Replica Handbags.