Choose a representative of each color is chosen to compete

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Fake Handbags MEDS – Orthodontic Clinical Residency

Master simple and moderate orthodontic cases supervised by Professional American Orthodontist in 24 months,
In Addition an optional 2 weeks of training are available in San Francisco,
What is an Orthodontic Residency?
it is an orthodontic clinical workshop and life training on patient supported by evidence based dental science and totally supervised and applied by a well trained academically certified Dental Instructors

Why to join an Orthodontic Clinical Residency?
Step by step instruction in how to diagnose the orthodontic case managing different treatment options and finishing the case under full professional academic supervision and – Residency is a new way of education focus on the clinical skills and depends on providing the evidence based dental knowledge and applying it in a dental patient with a closed supervision, this will make the information more applicable and improving your clinical dental skills
– You will have the Opportunity to have 2 weeks of clinical residency at San Francisco, USA
– every participant will make 2 cases from A to Z in Orthodontic, in addition he will attend other colleagues seminars about their cases so the end result will be more than 30 cases of experience

Date : 10 September 2015

Learn More About program requirements, Admission & Fees
Mobile: 010 2713 7676 – 01000445463
Face book page: MEDS – Middle East Dental Society

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