Catherine Cordell not only because she’s pretty

Jane Rizzoli of the Rizzoli Isles series. Maura Isles seems to be the only woman she has any respect or affection for. All others earn nothing but contempt from her for being beautiful (making her friendship with Maura almost shocking, as Maura is an attractive woman), or daring to display a hint of weakness, fear, or any (supposedly) other typical female trait, or conversely, for refusing to show any vulnerability at all the first book, she takes an instant dislike to Dr. Catherine Cordell not only because she’s pretty, but because she refuses to break down while recounting the night she was raped and nearly killed and she later makes an inexcusably crude comment regarding her partner’s relationship with her for the same thing every guy falls for. Tits and ass.” She would have raised hell with a man who said that, but somehow, it’s acceptable for her to act this way. This character trait was tossed for the TV series. Not surprising, given that Rizzoli is played by the gorgeous Angie Harmon.

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