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24 Great Reasons to Support the Iran Nuclear Disarmament Agreement

9. This canada goose clearance agreement does not require us canada goose to Iran. Iran is still hostile to the West and to the United States. This Canada Goose sale is not a treaty of friendship. All of these provisions must be verified by inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency. Iran has agreed to allow the IAEA to investigate suspicious sites or allegations canada goose uk black friday of covert facilities related to uranium Canada Goose online enrichment anywhere in the country. Monitors will be given extensive and regular Canada Goose Coats On Sale access to Iran’s major nuclear sites for the next 25 years and in some instances the access is permanent.

13. Many retired US generals and canadian goose jacket top ranking military officers endorsed canada goose factory sale the Iran agreement. canada goose uk shop Read: An open letter from retired generals and admirals on the Iran nuclear deal The Washington Po

24. Bottom Line: Failure to support this agreement will almost certainly make it easier Canada Goose Online for Iran to get nuclear weapons. canada goose clearance sale Our allies have agreed to the accord and will not rely on sanctions alone to hinder Iran’s nuclear Canada Goose Parka ambitions. That option is no longer available. Without the cooperation of the international community, Iran will canada goose coats have Canada Goose Outlet an canada goose even easier time developing their nuclear program. The International community supports this agreement as the best way to stop Iran from obtaining uk canada goose outlet nuclear weapons.

Kathleen Cochran 2 years ago from Atlanta, canada goose coats on sale Georgia

I just finished reading an article by the director canada goose store of a national public relations organization buy canada goose jacket who said we are living in a post facts canada goose black friday sale era. People Canada Goose Jackets aren’t looking buy canada goose jacket cheap for facts. They are looking for information that supports what they already believe to be true. This thinking is at work among those who dismiss this agreement uk canada goose out of hand simply because the current president is not in their political party. This knee jerk reaction is too common when it comes to our international relations when we need to cheap Canada Goose make decisions not based canada goose uk outlet on our political party, but based cheap canada goose uk on the fact that we are all Americans.