But when you are a bit more upward-looking

I have space in my schedule to do a few custom mandala pieces 🙂 If you’d be interested in having a custom mandala made for you let me know a budget and what you want it to mean to you, and I can work with you to create a piece of art that will be unique, beautiful and
These are all examples of custom pieces I have done, you can read the description of each picture to see what each client asked me for 🙂

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No more joys are planted in the heart of the garden
Loneliness is so difficult that you are not withdrawn
Do not hold you, mamma, you do not find sorrow
I do not mind in my sorrow,

If you are going to be dreamy, you will be with me like a warm wind

You are going to be with me, if you are dreaming I want to be with you always I am willing to fuck you, I am amazed to hear the words of bitterness
In despair, waiting for the end
The life that is appreciated, I am obliged to live

If you want to yine, yell at me, shout at me – Do not mention my name, call me you ” I will not be disturbed anymore, you will be happy

I am not a fate, nor have I been laughing I have been wondering, in the desert
Wherever I look, I always think that you are

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