But at some point he just could not hold off anymore and

dangerous supply chain myths part 5

cheap nike air jordan OK, let’s have a look at a second example. This is my memory of a story that Steven Covey likes to tell. I assume you all know that Steven Covey is one of the most famous American business consultants who many years ago wrote the best seller: “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. On a Sunday morning Covey was on the subway; it was very quiet with only a few other people travelling the subway until a man with 7 kids entered the car. He took a seat next to him and immediately put his head into cheap jordans in china his hands. The kids started running around, pulling on peoples coats and behaving even for a more liberal standard pretty badly. Covey started to feel angry yet also realized that he is not the father and it is not his business to take care of the kids. But at some point he just could not hold off anymore and politely addressed the man next to him: “Sir, do you think you could take care of your children? They are actually annoying many of the other passengers!” At which point the other man took his head out of his hands, and, looking up to Covey, said with a sigh: “You are right. I am sorry that the kids are behaving this way. But honestly I do not really know what to do. We have just come out onlinestorenikefree.com of the hospital finding out that their mother and my wife just passed away.” Covey then describes how his perception of the whole situation dramatically changed in an instant. Look at the impact this had on him! According to his own story he stayed in touch with the family and even supported them financially for quite a while. The new context changed everything! cheap nike air jordan

cheap air jordan shoes Additionally, post demonetization, as more money starting flowing from physical assets to financial assets as well as from bank deposits to mutual funds, fixed income funds were one of the larger beneficiaries.Investors should understand that purely looking at past returns is not a wise way to invest. Firstly, it is important to acknowledge that the higher returns are being achieved by taking higher credit risk in the portfolios.We have seen a few ‘credit’ incidents in the past Amtek Auto, JSPL, BILT to name a few that have affected the value of the funds. Liquidity is another concern, as most of these securities don’t have ready liquidity and may be hard to liquidate in distress times.While Asset Managers have been beefing up their credit research teams and spending more time and resources in originating, structuring and researching credit, these strategies are not without risk.Despite having these measures in place, the credit risk in these funds will always elevate as compared to funds with higher rated instruments.Looking at the average credit rating exposure of the industry, we observe that the exposure to ‘A and below’ rated securities saw a steady increase up till the end of 2015, when the Amtek Auto incident occurred.Post that most managers have been pruning credit in their portfolio and this has witnessed a decline ever since.Now you can find clearly differentiated credit profile funds available within the segment, from the pure ‘credit’ funds with investments largely in ‘A’ rated securities, to funds that balance the credit exposure by largely investing into ‘AA’ and a smaller proportion in ‘A’ rated securitiesFactors to consider before investing:a) Investors should understand the positioning of the fund by studying the overall credit breakup of the funds before investing and choose a fund that best suits their risk return profile.b) Studying individual securities is beyond the scope of investors, rather understanding the credit breakup of the fund’s portfolio, can be helpful. Pick pedigreed asset managers who have the track record and the resources in place to manage such strategies.c) Look at additional factors such as expense ratios and exit loads. Given that yields are trending lower, the expense ratio charged to the fund becomes even more important, ideally if all things equal a lower expense ratio fund will be more attractive.d) Most funds in these categories carry multiyear exit loads; it is prudent to consider these before investing. The views and investment tips expressed by investment experts on Moneycontrol are their own and not that of the website or its management. Moneycontrol advises users to check with certified experts before taking any investment decisions. cheap air jordan shoes

cheap jordans When most of us think about visionaries we think of those who are the true leaders of our time. Ghandi, Einstein, Mozart, Michelangelo, Tolstoy, and the list can go on indefinitely. Yes, it’s true that these people through their work on earth caused us to change the way we perceive life. The one thing that all of the great visionary had in common were that they were ordinary human beings who brought to life extraordinary visions. What is it that you envision? Do you even have a vision of what you would like your life to be like? Some people do not, they say that they don’t know what they want to do or even the impact that they have on their life. That is truly sad to hear. I once asked a woman who was contemplating a career change what her passion was, and she said she did not know. She had somehow not cultivated a passion for life or she had long since abandoned it. I asked her to spend some time just daydreaming, fantasizing about what she would love to see her life like if she could have it any way she wanted. At first she thought it was silly and a waste of time but I explained to her that her belief systems were dictating what she could have in her life and not her true being. She had come up with excuses not to have the life she wanted and had settled for having no goals cheap jordans.